Emeraude Escape: Corporate Escape Room designer

Created in 2017, Emeraude Escape is the European leader in the design of corporate Escape Room. All over the world, Emeraude Escape offers customized creations of digital Escape Rooms, fixed Escape Rooms and nomadic Escape Rooms.

Emeraude Escape designs corporate Escape Rooms for:

To guarantee excellence, the teams design each Escape Room from A to Z in-house in their workshops without any subcontracting. The team brings together more than 20 Escape Room design specialists: Room Designers, set designers, electronics engineers, illustrators, Full Stack developers, etc.



We build long-term relationships with our customers thanks to a team that is attentive, transparent, and who supports the customer throughout the process of creating the escape room. 2 out of 3 customers ask us for a second Escape Room


We incorporate our customers’ DNA and values at every stage of the design: from the development of the scenario to the details of the sets. Designed hand in hand with the customer, each Escape Room is unique and is created around the customer’s graphic charter.


Our expertise is provided by a team of more than 20 specialists bringing together all professions in the Escape Room business. The creation of our Escape Rooms is done entirely in-house, without subcontracting, which makes it possible for us to be the most competitive and responsive company on the market.


Our sense of detail, applied to the development of scenarios as well as to the finishing of the sets, makes our Escape Rooms immersive and extremely high-quality.

Virgile Loisance CEO

“My pride lies in the trust that major international groups have placed in us since the creation of Emeraude Escape. Our ability to combine a flawless level of performance and unique know-how makes it possible for us to challenge the market and ensure the satisfaction of our customers irrespective of their line of business worldwide.”

Virgile Loisance, Founder & CEO