Tailor-made corporate escape rooms to increase health & safety awereness at work

Awareness Themed Escape Room

Our escape rooms are designed by game designers, safety officers, and trainers in order to combine immersion, interaction, and learning.

We can create escape rooms for you to handle your occupational health and safety awareness topics in a fun and innovative way.

Escape rooms make it possible to tackle health and safety awareness topics in a fun and innovative way. Whether held during a safety day, a seminar, a training day, or new employee orientation, this new format allows to attract an increasing number of participants from a wide variety of audiences. Escape Games help you bring the energy back into moments that are sometimes unpopular with your company’s employees, but nevertheless necessary to ensure their health and safety.

This playful approach to security awareness topics makes possible a different integration of occupational health and safety topics. Players in Escape Games are prompted to address these topics indirectly, to search for and manipulate clues to solve a mystery. The fun with the Escape Room approach, combined with a more theoretical phase provided by your company’s safety officers, makes long-lasting content acquisition possible.