Custom Escape Room for businesses

Emeraude Escape specializes in creating customized fixed, mobile (nomadic) and digital escape rooms. A leader in the field of escape room design,  the company has created many multilingual escape rooms for large companies worldwide.


The design of the escape room will be customized from A to Z by our teams, with very immersive decor adapted to the dimensions and constraints of the allocated space. The number of simultaneous players will depend on the size of the playing space, and the duration of the game will be adapted to your specifications. The creation of the escape room will be carried out with a unique scenario and puzzles in line with your DNA and your values. After its design and production, the escape room is delivered as a turnkey solution; we train your teams on its use and its intellectual property belongs to you.

escape room formats

Fixed escape room
You decide to dedicate one of your rooms to the escape room.

Mobile escape room
Easily transportable, installable and removable, it may be moved from site to site in order to redecorate the spaces of your choice in a few minutes (meeting rooms, outdoor spaces, etc.).

Giant escape room
The players are divided into teams and must investigate several areas redecorated for the occasion. Whether setting up team challenges, a giant Cluedo or a treasure hunt, you may have 50 to 10,000 people playing simultaneously.

Puzzle boxes
Easily transportable, this mini format captivates teams and may be used during various events. Teams made up of 1-5 players may participate in the game for 5-60 minutes depending on your goals.

Digital escape rooms
At home or in the office, alone or in teams, from a smartphone or a computer, just like in a physical escape room, players must search for items, open chests, discover new rooms, and solve a succession of puzzles against the clock.


We build long-term relationships with our customers thanks to a team that is attentive, transparent, and who supports the customer throughout the process of creating the escape room. 2 out of 3 customers ask us for a second Escape Room