Digital Escape Room

The health crisis related to Covid-19 and the physical distancing it involves force us to change the way we work, learn, train, recruit, promote awareness and even communicate in business.

Digital Escape Room


Emeraude Escape offers you custom-designed digital interactive Escape Games that are played online. This remote Escape Game format may be played from home or from the office, alone or in multiplayer mode, in videoconferences, and from smartphones, tablets or computers, for up to 100,000 and more. Digital Escape Games are the ideal tool to address your issues of:

We develop digital Escape Games entirely in-house with the latest technologies. We are therefore able to meet all your requirements, without limitation. For example, with a digital Escape Room for a live kick-off event with 100,000 people simultaneously around the world, an online ranking by country or business unit may be put in place to energize the game, motivate teams and rekindle their competitive spirit!

Digital Escape Games will be designed entirely with your graphic standardsThey will be able to integrate your company’s authentication system so you will have access to a personalized back office allowing the key data and performance of each participant to stand out.

digital Escape Room

Digital Escape Rooms are fully “responsive”: they may be played from computers, tablets or cell phones



These are real, interactive, custom-designed platforms. This digital Escape Game takes the form of a game created on your website or on a dedicated site. As with a physical Escape Room, players will have to search, open chests, discover new rooms, and solve a series of puzzles in a limited amount of time. For example, they will have to use a cloth to wipe off a dusty object and reveal a clue; turn on/off a computer to reveal hidden items, etc.

Digital Escape Room
Digital Escape Room

Our Game Designers, illustrators and Front-End developers design these fully custom-designed digital Escape Games according to your specifications.

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We create digital Escape Rooms with an ultra-realistic 3D universe according to your specifications and/or from photos that you have sent us. You will be able to walk around the scenery and investigate it as if you were there.

escape room digital online
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3D Digital Escape Room


These digital Escape Rooms via interactive videos are real investigations in which the players become the main actors of the plot. More immersive and realistic, this experience gets the players directly involved. Throughout the game, they will have to make choices that will gradually influence the course of the story. The videos are short sequences from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long that follow each another and lead to several alternative endings depending on the actions performed. Each player becomes a master of the story and therefore has a unique and personalized experience.

escape room online

This type of Escape Game makes it possible for you to create a real experience with your audience and to maximize the messages you convey in the video. In fact, your employees will memorize information better when several of the senses are involved (we add touch to hearing and sight). The employees, by interacting with your content, get involved in the message that they are receiving, resulting in a much higher engagement rate.

The scenarios are written by our Game Designers based on your objectives and needs. The sequences are then shot by our teams with professional videographers and actors from the film industry in realistic settings corresponding to the selected universe (police, futuristic, historical, paranormal, fantastic, western, etc.).

digital escape room


We are convinced that stimulating cooperation and mutual assistance between colleagues with a digital escape room can increase motivation and improve employee well-being. We offer many multiplayer modes to create team cohesion despite the distance. In teams of 4, 10, 100 or even 1,000 employees, we create a customised digital Escape Room for you that will facilitate communication and teamwork. The riddles, manipulations and puzzles will all be built to promote collaboration, interchanges and discussions within a team.

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A complete connection platform (registration, waiting rooms, tutorial, introductory video, etc.) will be customised according to your graphic charter. Our developers can integrate a videoconferencing system into the game that will not require registration. Teams, Zoom, Skype, videoconferences, etc. used in your company can also be easily associated with the game.

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The team in charge of designing your custom digital Escape Room consists of Game Designers, illustrators, a Developer project manager, a technical architect, a senior developer, a junior developer, a user interface designer, a UX/UI Expert and a tester.

Design time for a digital Escape Room 1 to 2 months

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All our digital Escape Rooms comply with companies data privacies and the general data protection regulations (GDPR)


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Do you want to create an escape room? It’s very simple

The design takes place hand in hand with our game designers and your company’s teams. You tell us about your goals, issues, guidelines, and/or concepts that you want players to learn from their experience; we discuss it and together determine the most suitable escape room format for your project. Our puzzles are personalized in your company’s image and include all items you would like to show in the game, while respecting your graphic standards. We operate all over the world and in all languages.

Tailor-made escape room creation